I drove from our Cheimsee campsite, finally starting to feel more confident behind the wheel now! En route traffic was awful, but the journey was made more interesting by stopping to help a French festival hopper called Ben try and jump start his amazing camper (black with a skeleton bat). This was not a success, […]

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Cheimsee Lake

We began our Germany journey by being properly searched at the border! The guy asked why we had so many broken phones (Alex’s paranoia not wanting to get rid) and asked what was in my jewellery box… um jewellery? Afterwards Alex commented that the guy searching the van had been hot but I was so scared I […]

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Austria – The Gassy Issue

SO HUNGOVER. Glad I didn’t drink more to be honest, Alex was definitely still drunk first thing as was mega happy. But we had to leave as were in a blue zone, had to get electric and most importantly had to get the gas! We headed to OBI the place that Clements had very kindly […]

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Austria – Vienna

So we had to get up pretty early as we had parked in a gas station car park, but we were armed with our vignette! Must have been the most organised we have ever been to date. We drove to a nearby Lake in Austria with nil border issues and proceeded to chill. We went […]

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Vegans in Budapest

Me and Alex had a blow out argument, quite possibly caused by ?hangover / ?period but of course I would never admit that. Pretty much inevitable that we would argue after travelling for such a long time together, especially since we bicker anyway as per our relationship style! I felt a lot better afterwards though […]

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‘Retreat’ then Budapest

Peters nan’s house is so huge and lovely! The garden has berry trees and lots of fruit and vegetables which provide the family with a lot of the food they eat. Living the dream, and can’t get any more organic than that! Peters mum made us a wonderful meat and veg dish, and his nan was […]

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To Libjuana and Lake Bled

We couldn’t pronounce it but we were damned sure going to go there anyway!!! So we drove to the outskirts of the capital city and found a car park 50 minutes away with water and electric!!! Looked like it was free on Sundays too and after investigating and not seeing anyone else pay that’s where […]

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Verona to Venice

First things first, I went for a 5km run and nearly died from the 36degree 0800 heat! On a positive though I discovered we were actually not too far from Verona, result! We decided we should just take the plunge and walk into the centre to see a Roman Colosseum.  The Arena Di Verona has […]

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Ants in Our Pants!!!

We awoke in this Ideallic spot…. However noticed there were a few ants inside the van… It turned out the ants nest that Alex had spied yesterday obviously was not as nice as our van. I did yoga and healing meditation whilst Alex did his best to get rid of the ants and assess the […]

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Imperia to the Mountains

We sailed through the driving border, not being stopped again! Driving along the coastal towns to Genoa we found that Italy driving is actually crazy! There are mopeds everywhere and they rule the roost!!  After driving a while Alex’s relentless high had run out and we were lagging, so we stopped at LIDL and bought […]

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French Alps – Part 1

So we drove to Grenoble that evening, and this was when I looked on BBC news for the first time in ages, we saw the details of the terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert Manchester :(! I felt such compassion for the victims and their families! There was even a board on our French […]

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The journey to Lyon

On our journey we had FINALLY found a proper supermarket! We had googled where was best to go and the best price and ‘Auchran’ had come up in our search prior. So when I saw one I shouted “GO THERE!” to Alex as I do very quickly, making him crap himself and then turn. We […]

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Paris & RunRun Tour & beyond

So, we turned our attention to the issue of getting into Paris for my half marathon tour for 0700 on a Saturday… We eventually decided we would book a campsite nearby to save the stress of trying to find parking and scout out a route to the tours start point in Central Paris (Pont Neuf). […]

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First blog post – Our Story

  Don’t know what I’m doing but doing it anyway.. Completely new to this whole blogging thing. Initially thought would be a great idea to document our journey, then started researching potentially making a living from it – finding infinite pages with a plethora of information. I started to feel scared and inadequate with no […]

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